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is Copyright Awareness Month


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Topic: Copyright Awareness

Copyright Awareness

Welcome to the copyright awareness module!

Please take a few minutes to watch a video and then answer a few quiz questions.  The quiz will consist of a few questions and you will have an opportunity to retake it if you don't pass.

Passing this quiz will earn

1 Free Music Download

Copyright laws have been created in order to protect the rights of content owners.  The owners of these media, such music, movies and software have spent significant resources in both time and money to create their works.  We at UCSF must be conscientious of the laws that protect these works.  Here are some things you should know about legally consuming copyrighted content.

Downloading content without paying for it is stealing.  It's no different than walking into a store, grabbing a movie and leaving without paying for it.  The practice of stealing copyrighted digital content is called pirating.  Pirating is defined by the illegal downloading and sharing of music, movies and software.

There are consequences to stealing copyrighted content.  These include:

  1. Removal of access to the UCSF network
  2. Legal penalties
  3. Possible expulsion

Often times users download malware or viruses that have been bundled with the stolen content.  Malicious hackers do this to get you to install their malware on your computer.  UCSF monitors its network very closely and takes measures to prevent users from downloading stolen copyrighted content.  Remember that you can be personally and legally held liable if you steal such content.

Here are some things you can do to avoid illegal downloading:

  1. Always use reputable sites to purchase and download music, movies and software.
  2. Install the UCSF antivirus software to ensure you are not affected by a virus.
  3. Make sure to get receipts for all content that you purchase.
  4. Do not install filesharing programs.  They often install malware, adware or spyware which exposes your computer to security risks.
  5. Visit our site for more details.

Now it's time to win some prizes! First watch the video and then click below to pass the quiz and claim your prize! You will also be entered to win this month's grand prize drawing as well!



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