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is Theft & Loss Awareness Month!


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Topic: Theft & Loss Awareness

Theft & Loss Awareness

Welcome to the theft & loss awareness module!

Please take a few minutes to watch a video and then answer a few quiz questions.  The quiz will consist of three questions and you will have an opportunity to retake it if you don't pass.

Passing this quiz will earn

Portable Phone/Tablet Stand

Theft & loss of electronic devices is one of the most prevalent problems on the UCSF campus.  It not only is inconvenient to you but it also can result in security and privacy breaches which end up costing UCSF millions that could have been spent on education, research and patient care.

Here is how most thefts & losses occur:

  • Unlocked office doors
  • Unlocked car doors
  • Leaving devices unattended and unsecured
Here are some things you can do to avoid thefts & losses from happening:
  1. Encrypt your device.
  2. Always be aware of your surroundings.
  3. Never leave your laptop or other device unattended - not even for a minute.
  4. Never leave your devices in a car.
  5. Use cable locks on your devices whenever possible.
  6. Lock your office doors whenever away. Even if leaving momentarily.
  7. Visit our site for more details.

Now it's time to win some prizes! First watch the video and then click below to pass the quiz and claim your prize! You will also be entered to win this month's grand prize drawing as well!



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